I was born in Germany but grew up on a sailing boat in the Mediterranean Sea. 

While being in High-school I started filming and photographing every opportunity on which I could focus my camera. Soon I realized that I could make money with my passion while seeing many different facets of life. Shooting a wedding is different from shooting the Monaco Yacht show which again is different from documenting a group of architecture students through Dubai.

As a freelance filmmaker, you get to glance into how different people live their life which expands your own awareness and understanding of this world. 

When I finished my High-school I moved to Berlin to start studying film & motion design at the university of applied sciences Europe. Coming from a small island it was a big shift to move to a capital city. 

Berlin broadened my horizon that film is just one subcategory of audiovisual art. I began visiting many art installations and was confronted with new vocabulary such as: immersive, generative, procedural, real-time, kinetic, new media art.

Now I am shifting away from event videos and will work on digital art.

I am always open to collaborate.

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